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Z@Freak Hip-Hop Jam 03' at Zejtun

Here are some flix of probably the first graffiti 'jam' held in Malta at Zejtun in September 03'. The whole thing was part of a hiphop fest and there also was a trophy given to the best piece. After preparing sketches at home, the writers (5 of them) were told that they all had to write the same word ('Z@Freak' - whatever that means) so the pieces came quite spontaneous since the sketches were useless. Also, consider that the paints drip alot on boards. They weren't Montanas.. Anywayz, congrats to Wak (RAID) who won the competition! He now uses the trophy as an ash tray..

Work in progress..

Dots haaard at work..

Wak sharing a joke with the ninja..

Ms.gLoW filling it in!

Competition Runner-up

Z@Freak by Dots

Wak's winning piece!

Z@Freak by Glow


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