Maltagraf is a site focusing primarily on the Maltese graffiti scene. It was started in 2002 by Dotse and Skit in order to document the growing Maltese graffiti scene, which hadn't had any proper means of documentation since it's humble beginnings in around 1997/98. Since then Maltagraf has constantly been updated with Maltese and international graffiti pictures (a BIG thanks to all those who helped make this possible - Lizi, JP, Scream, Cuba..!). By supplying Maltese writers with news and updates about Maltese graffiti, Maltagraf serves as an online 'bench' were the local scene can catch up on what's happening around this island. Maltagraf has been given a 'makeover' 3 times since 2002 - coz as the scene improves so does Maltagraf..





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