Graffiti sites

Swiss graff from... Switzerland

514... bombed Bombing from Montreal, Canada

Art Crimes The world's largest graffiti pic archive

Eyegasm European trains galore!!

London Graffiti Trains, walls from London, England

Specimen Great prods and special features from France and Europe Probably the biggest French graff site featuring many writers

CNS Skillz One of the world's most famous crews made up of writers like Daim, Loomit, Neck and Seak

Stradanove Some nice trains and walls from Italy

Wankers A great graff site from Denmark

Reso One Home of this great European writer..

The Yard Trains and bombing from Argentina

Seen World Home of one of the world's most famous and best writers

at 149 street Classic New York oldschool (Seen, Dondi, Blade, Lee, Zephyr..) pic archive

Paint My Face Great West Coast site featuring works by the likes of Sever and Revok

City Fox A good site for European bombing and trains

Noise - RAID The second Maltese site dedicated solely to graffiti. By RAID crew's Noise..

IUC Crew - The third Maltese graf site from Malta's IUC crew..

Can Controllers - Great design, great art by Kryot

Art Attack - Hiphop and graffiti portal from Slovakia

Ekosystem - French site focusing on streetart and trains




Move! Site of Maltese human rights and leftist pressure group

The Arts Collective Maltese underground arts (including graffiti) support group

Sputnik Sweetheart Home of the Maltese indie rock band Home of Maltese urban music organisation

Niki Young's Art Gallery Original artwork from Niki Young

Dudu Planet Reports events that happen in Malta

Malta Hip-Hop Malta's only site about local Hiphop.. by G-Force

Maltese Skaters United Maltese skaters fighting for their rights (and for that roundabout!!)

Sergej's Art Interesting art by this Belgian artist

Malta Links Comprehensive Search Engine for Malta and Maltese content. Offers latest news, travel information and other useful features.



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