If you're a foreign writer thinking of visiting Malta, here are some tips as to were you may find graffiti in Malta..

Here in Malta, graffiti is mostly concentrated in the Paceville/St.Julians/Sliema area and St.Andrews/Pembroke area (reached by catching bus num.62/66 for Paceville, 68 for St.Andrews). At the moment, we are in the process of establishing the first big legal wall which will be set up as a sort of Maltese Wall of Fame. It will be set up in Msida (near University) and it can be reached by catching bus num.41. You may also find graffiti in Bugibba (bus - 49,58), Birkirkara (bus - 44,45,49,55,56,47) and some to the South of Malta too. Till now there aren't any good quality paints in Malta and the colors are very limited (although we are working on it..!). The best you can find is Plasti-Kote which can be found from all major Ironmongers and Hardware Stores. If you have any questions or would like to contact a local writer, please don't hesitate to write us.



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