-We're back with the second trains page.. With this update, Maltagraf now has over 300 flix in it's archive! Onwards and forwards.. The Malta Skaters are close to obtaining the university roundabout - all we got to do is to at least keep the roundabout abit clean. (22.11.04)

-A tag update from Malta this time - page 4 and page 5. Maltagraf will soon be stocking on some new types of caps, so stay tuned for that! Keep sending us you flix..we need them. Peace! (10.11.04)

-We're back with yet another dope bombing update this week - check it out here. With this bombing update Maltagraf celebrates 10 pages of bombing - that's 80 bombing flix guys! And keep your fingers crossed - Montana paints MAY soon be in Malta..!!! (27.10.04)

-Hiya! Maltagraf returns with a small bombing update after more than a month! Check out bombing page 10. We need lots of flix from you guys so please send some to our email!!! Now that winter is approaching, get out your cans and get back to writing..then just send your flix to Maltagraf :P. Catch ya next update.. (19.10.04)

-Finally, here is the new trains section with the first train page containing flix from Moscow, Belgium, Romania and Canada. There'll be more trains soon.. (10.9.04)

-We got a small update by Radio (HTS) all the way from Brasov, Romania for this week. Send us flix on our email if u got some. Enjoy!! (18.8.04)

-Halloooo! Finally we're back after a very long time.. Sorry about the lack of updates but the Maltese summer and all the heat involved gets me abit lazy..! The scene here is kind of dead right now with only some tourist writers doing some stuff - I guess it's a summer syndrome too. Hopefully you guys will start writing again when it all cools down abit. Anyway, here's why we're back : a Spanish update from the city of Barcellona! Please send us your flix.. Peace out! (12.8.04)

-I'm back and here's the sketches page I told you about! If you've just started writing (and even if you have been writing for a while..), here are some useful points for graffiti and stenciling as told by the great stencil artist Banksy. We'll be back with more updates and maybe a new graff section next week! (5.7.04)

-Hey all.. we got a great Moscow update coming all the way from Russia this time. A big thankx to the Moztoshmaniac for sending us the flix.. (aiiittt!!). We'll have a sketches update for you guys next week so be sure to check that out. (16.6.04)

-We have a mixture of 'old' and new tags for you this update. After you've checked out the update peep IUC crew's site at www.iuc.cjb.net and after that take some time to visit Noise's page. Send us flix!!! (7.6.04)

-This week's update comes from Brasov, Romania..a big shout out goes to Cuba122 who sent me the flix! Thank you guys for sending in your emails to us - we'll send the survey when we get more emails. Another jam similar to 'Subway: We Love You' one could be happening sometime in July! - we'll keep you posted on that.. Peace..! (1.6.04)

-Hiyaa! A full page of bombing for this week, including Malta's first ever rooftop by Dotse.. Maltagraf will soon be carrying out a kindof small 'survey' for possible future projects. It would be great if all the Maltese writers that visit this site could give us their email so that we could mail you this survey.. You can either leave it on the guestbook or mail it to us at maltagraf@hotmail.com. - Thanks! (your email would be solely used for Maltagraf and not other purposes..) (24.5.04)




NOTE: If anyone is interested in having a wall painted or a sketch made or aything of the sort, send an email to maltagraf@hotmail.com , giving details of what you want and anything else you think would help

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